Together, Philips and the Rijksmuseum are the ‘Masters of Light’. This wonderful collaboration as the ‘Masters of Light’ is the result of an enduring relationship: Philips has been providing support to the Rijksmuseum for several decades.


Philips has been a Founder of the new Rijksmuseum since 2001 and has been closely involved in the museum’s renovation and remodelling. In recognition of the company’s generous support and our successful partnership, the south wing of the building was renamed the Philips Wing.

Philips and the Rijksmuseum have also been working closely on the development of LED lighting solutions for the museum’s art displays and buildings. Philips has designed special LED lights that provide optimum illumination for The Night Watch and other masterpieces in the galleries, bringing the colours to life as never before.

Philips has furthermore contributed its technological insights in other areas to support various developments and initiatives in and around the museum. Among other things, Philips provided its expertise to facilitate the spectacular relocation of The Night Watch in December 2003, and back again on 27 March 2013.


European Excellence Awards
The communication project 'Nieuw Licht op Oude Meesters' has won the European Excellence Award in the category Technology & Consumer Electronics because of the new lighting in the Rijksmuseum.