The Rijksmuseum can really use your donation. Your contribution will support various forms of research and help with restorations. You will also be passing on the love of art to new generations. Whether your donation is large or small, every bit helps. Every support is welcome. So donate and support the Rijksmuseum!

Via the red button you can easily donate a small amount. Would you rather donate a larger amount? Then we would like to thank you personally. Please use the contact information below to do so:

All donations may be made to
Stichting Het Rijksmuseum Fonds, Amsterdam
ABN AMRO NL22 ABNA 0560020740
RSIN 803504469
Dutch Chamber of Commerce 412 14443

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Here you can easily make a small donation. Every donation is welcome! Make a contribution and help us research, maintain and keep our national collection accessible to everyone.


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