Philips and the Rijksmuseum have been working together from 2001 to connect people and art.

Art enriches our lives. It stimulates the mind and senses. It has the power to inspire, change and connect us. Art, in short, makes life a bit brighter. At Philips, they feel exactly the same. Philips takes a creative approach to problems and is always looking for fresh, new solutions to make life better through meaningful innovation. That’s also why Philips continues to support the Rijksmuseum, so even more people have an opportunity to experience the enriching power of art.

Discover how Philips’ innovation is enabling more people to enjoy art.

Philips was closely involved in the Rijksmuseum’s renovation and redesign and installed the specially developed LED lighting that has since set a new standard for illuminating artworks.

1:30 min. - De Nachtwacht on tour