Douwe Egberts - Sponsor

Douwe Egberts became a sponsor of the Rijksmuseum in 2013. Just one of the products to result from this partnership between the Dutch coffee and tea company and the Netherlands’ national museum is a unique new coffee blend: ‘D.E. Dutch Master Blend Rijksmuseum’.


This special blend will be made yearly exclusively for the Rijksmuseum, expressing the best of the Netherlands’ rich coffee tradition and culture. The coffee beans are sourced from Ethiopia and Sumatra – the same countries that supplied coffee in the Golden Age and laid the foundation of Dutch coffee culture. The fresh-brewed coffee is served in the Rijksmuseum café and the blend will also be available for purchase in the museum shop. Douwe Egberts has also contributed to the restoration of the garden pavilion in the Rijksmuseum gardens, which also houses a café.