Your donation, fund or estate represents an essential contribution to the Rijksmuseum, whether used for education, research, restoration or acquisition purposes. Share your good fortune by making a donation. All donations are welcome, no matter how large or small!

The Rijksmuseum believes it is important to lay down the fundamental principles that apply when entering into partnerships and accepting donations, and by doing so implementing the recommendations set out in the 2019 Governance Code for Culture. You can download the policy on partnerships and acceptance of donations here.

Make a difference

Your support enables the Rijksmuseum to continue fulfilling its role in society. Every single donation, whether large or small, one-off or structural, goes to help the Rijksmuseum, education, research and the collection.

  • Help us to acquire important works of art to keep the collection alive.

  • Help us to educate everyone who visits the museum, our activities or the website, from the youngest generations through to the most inquiring art and history-lovers.

  • Support scientific research, restoration and preservation, so that the Rijksmuseum can become a nationally and internationally renowned centre of expertise and knowledge institute.

How to make a donation to the Rijksmuseum


You can make a one-off donation or make donations on a periodical basis, whereby you spread it out over a period of at least five calendar years. The donation is then paid to the Rijksmuseum in the form of an annuity. It is also possible to donate objects to the Rijksmuseum, but not all works of art are eligible. Art can be used as a way of ‘paying’ inheritance tax. A special advisory committee will assess whether your work of art satisfies the criteria. The Rijksmuseum will be pleased to be of assistance if you would like to explore this possibility.

One-off donations can be made to:
NL22ABNA0560020740 in the name of ‘Het Rijksmuseum Fonds’ in Amsterdam.

Donations are managed by the Rijksmuseum Fund; a foundation set up to support the Rijksmuseum.

Designated fund

You can set up your own fund with a donation or testamentary disposition of at least €50,000. You are free to decide on the aim and name of the fund, and will be personally involved in the development of, and expenditure from, your fund within the realms of the Rijksmuseum.

Examples of designated funds


Include the Rijksmuseum in your will. Assets left to charities are exempted from inheritance tax, and you would be leaving a valuable bequest. You could also appoint the Rijksmuseum as a beneficiary to your estate.