General information

All museum exhibits can be enjoyed by wheelchair users and visitors with a rollator. All floors are served by lifts.


Download our floor plan (pdf), which includes information about routes to bypass stairs and quieter parts of the museum. You can ask to loan a floor plan from the information desk.

Loan a wheelchair, folding museum stool, walking stick, buggy or rollator

Wheelchairs and rollators are also available on loan to use during your visit. We advise you to make an advance reservation by emailing Upon arrival, go to the information desk to collect your mobility aid.

Preparatory document for children

Some children can use a bit of extra preparation before visiting the museum, for instance if your child has autism spectrum disorder.

Download our preparatory document here (pdf).

Guide dogs

Assistance dogs in harness are welcome in the museum.


All floors are served by lifts. All museum exhibits can therefore be enjoyed by wheelchair users and visitors with a rollator. The locations of the lifts are shown on the floor plan.

Accessible toilets

The Rijksmuseum has specially adapted toilets for disabled users. They have washbasins placed at a convenient height for wheelchair users. The locations of the adapted toilets are shown on the floor plan.

Please note that the museum does not have official changing facilities for adults. However, you may use the first-aid table in a room which you can lock. Please tell the information desk and they will show you this room.

Rijksmuseum app

Several multimedia tours are available in the Rijksmuseum app. If you have a neckloop such as ComPilot, you can listen to the tours by connecting your hearing aid to your telephone using Bluetooth.

The app can be downloaded in advance from any location, so you can familiarize yourself with it before your visit.

Hearing loop

The Auditorium is fitted with a hearing loop. Please contact a staff member in the auditorium if you require assistance.

Large print floor plans

Large print floor plans (pdf) are available on loan from the information desk.


Visitors who are unable to move around the museum independently may bring a companion to assist them. The companion may enter the museum free of charge but must obtain a free ticket from the ticket office number 1.

To prevent misuse, the Rijksmuseum reserves the right to require companions to present a companion pass upon request at any time during your visit.

Mobility scooter

Mobility scooters are allowed in the Rijksmuseum.

The welfare of both our visitors and our art objects is the museum’s highest priority. We therefore kindly request that you limit your speed inside the museum to match that of walking visitors.

Upon entering the museum, you may be asked to demonstrate your agility in operating your mobility scooter. When the museum is very busy or under other exceptional circumstances, security staff may decide not to permit mobility scooters inside the museum. In that case, we will make every effort to seek alternative options or times for you to visit the museum.