Have you always wanted to draw but think you don’t know how? Nonsense! Bring out the creative spirit in yourself and join the digital workshop Draw a Lion.

Together with friends, family or colleagues, you will receive a 1-hour private lesson from an artist-instructor.

You get to work right after a brief introduction. During the lesson, the instructor will give you personal tips and answer any questions you might have. At the end of the lesson you will present your drawing to the group. Your model is a 1650 drawing by a Rembrandt School artist, namely The Reclining Lion.


If you don’t have the materials at home, you can purchase a reed pen, brushes, ink and paper at the nearest art supply store or online.

  • 1 reed pen
  • 1 simple no. 4 or 6 round brush
  • 1 small jar of black or brown ink
  • 2 sheets of heavy white drawing paper or watercolour paper, approximately A4 in size
  • 3 jars or glasses: 2 filled with water, 1 empty
  • some rags or paper towel
  • newspaper to cover your table
  • picture of The Reclining Lion

If you can’t get the materials on time, use the following alternatives: strong coffee that you let evaporate for a few days as ink; a cotton swab as a brush, a chopstick as a reed pen; and white (printing) paper to draw on.

Along with the booking confirmation, you will receive all the information about the digital workshop, the materials and an image of The Reclining Lion.

Made possible by

1 hour
Intensive guidance
Your own private workshop

Private workshop

  • € 90 per group
  • materials not included
  • max. 15 persons


Monday to Friday

  • 16-17h

For whom

Ages 16 and up


The workshop is given via Teams.


You can find the FAQ's here