Every year, the Rijksmuseum holds an outdoor exhibition, this year featuring Richard Long. Richard Long is famous for his subtle interventions in the landscape at some of the most remote locations around the world. Entrance is free to all in the Rijksmuseum gardens.


Richard Long is famous for his subtle interventions in the landscape at some of the most remote locations around the world. His work will be on display in the Rijksmuseum Gardens from 26 May.


Richard Long has made eight works for the Rijksmuseum show, six of which are new. Four of these sculptures comprise elementary abstract forms in grass. The natural growth of the grass over the summer months will increase the contrast of the lines. With the further passing of time, the surroundings will absorb the artworks, and photographs and texts will be the only physical evidence of their existence. These works for the Rijksmuseum mark a return for Richard Long to the very start of his career 50 years ago: he made his breakthrough work in 1967, A Line Made by Walking, a straight line in tall grass, by walking repeatedly across a landscape.


In addition to the works in grass, Richard Long has made two new monumental sculptures for the Rijksmuseum Gardens, using stones that the Maas river carried to its estuary at the North Sea. Inside the museum, Long has laid a river of red Indian stones that traverses the Cuypers floor mosaic in the Great Hall, and a circle of varicoloured stones at the heart of the Atrium. We recommend that visitors view this work from above as well as from close-up.


Richard Long in the Rijksmuseum Gardens is the tenth in the series of free exhibitions at this location. Previous editions were devoted to the sculptural work of Henry Moore (2013), Alexander Calder (2014), Joan Miró (2015), Giuseppe Penone (2016), Jean Dubuffet (2017), Eduardo Chillida (2018), Louise Bourgeois (2019), Ellsworth Kelly (2021) and Barbara Hepworth (2022).


Curator Mels Evers talked with Richard Long about the exhibition and his work for the latest edition of the Rijksmuseum podcast ‘In het Rijksmuseum’. Guided tours will be available from 1 July in Dutch, English and Dutch sign language, as will a tour for blind and partially sighted visitors.


Richard Long in the Rijksmuseum Gardens is made possible by support from a private donor via the Rijksmuseum Fund, Pon and the Rijksmuseum Club.

Rijksmuseum gardens


26 May - 29 Okt 2023


Museumstraat 1
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