A glimpse into the working methods of one of the best-known photographers in The Netherlands. You can hardly get any closer to the artist.

The Rijksmuseum and Nederlands Fotomuseum’s joint acquisition of Ed van der Elskens’ artistic estate at the end of 2019 has provided the ideal opportunity to shed light on the working practice of one of the Netherlands’ most famous photographers. The display of more than 100 objects – including prints, photo book designs and contact sheets – reveals Van der Elsken’s hand in his photographs, printing and experimentation.

This exhibition has come about through a partnership with Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam and is made possible with the support of Fonds21.

The collection was for a large part donated by Anneke Hilhorst, and partly purchased with the support of the Mondriaan Fund, the Rembrandt Association (thanks in part to its dedicated Photography and Video Fund and Dura Kunstfonds), BankGiro Lottery participants, the Paul Huf Fund/Rijksmuseum Fund and the Marque Joosten & Eduard Planting Fund/Rijksmuseum Fund.

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Until 10 January 2021
Philips wing
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5:48 min. - The magic of photography