What does it mean to have everything taken away – your civil rights, freedom, dignity – and then to be robbed of your most valued possessions? This exhibition examines eight personal stories of Jews who lost all they had to the Nazi regime.

For survivors and heirs of those Jews who were killed, the end of the Holocaust marked the start of the long search for their possessions. And the bitter struggle to recover both their property and their dignity.


Looted brings the audience into a world of art, children’s drawings, photos, ceremonial objects and books. First-hand documents and interviews convey the underlying narrative: the pain that victims continue to feel to this day.


The book Dispossessed. Personal Stories of Nazi-looted Jewish Cultural Property and Postwar Restitution is being released to accompany the exhibition.


The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam ― in collaboration with the Arbeitskreis Provenienzforschung e.V. (International Professional Association for Provenance Research), the Jewish Cultural Quarter and Sotheby's ― is proud to present the two-day symposium Looted on 9 and 10 September 2024.


The exhibition Looted, is a co-production of the Rijksmuseum and the Jewish Cultural Quarter in Amsterdam and will run from 31 May to 27 October 2024 at the Jewish Museum and the National Holocaust Museum in Amsterdam.


The exhibition is made possible with support from de VriendenLoterij, Stichting Collectieve Maror-gelden Nederland, Democracy & Media Foundation, Vfonds, Mondriaan Fonds, het Cultuurfonds, Stichting Levi Lassen and Friends of the Jewish Cultural Quarter.

The publication of Dispossessed. Personal Stories of Nazi-looted Jewish Cultural Property and Postwar Restitution is made possible in part by Stichting Makaria, Vfonds, Mondriaan Fonds and Gregory Annenberg Weingarten, GRoW @ Annenberg.

The symposium Looted is made possible in part by Arbeitskreis Provenienzforschung e.V., Vfonds, Mondriaan Fonds and Sotheby’s.

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May 31 – 27 Oct.


Jewish Museum
National Holocaust Museum in Amsterdam

A collaborative exhibition between the Rijksmuseum and Amsterdam’s Jewish Cultural Quarter