Guided tour Eating and drinking

From paintings of medieval markets, breakfast scenes, still lifes and sumptuously laid tables of the 17th century, to the art of drinking tea in the 18th century: this tour is a culinary journey through time.

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foto Still Life with Cheese, Floris Claesz. van Dijck, c. 1615 The 17th century witnessed a veritable culinary revolution. With new ingredients such as lemons and cloves delicious recipes were cooked in the kitchens of our ancestors. In this tour you will take a peek at this cuisine; what was served and what recipes were popular.

Join us on this culinary journey through time!


€ 80 per tour, maximum of 15 guests (excluding admission fee)

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Adults (ages 16 and up)

Please note that this tour is not meant for school groups. Schools are welcome to book these programmes.


The tour starts at the Information Desk in the museum

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