Rijksmuseum Fellowship Programme

The Rijksmuseum Fellowship Programme is open to the new generation of museum professionals: inquisitive specialists who will further develop understanding of Netherlandish art, history and museology for the future.

Applications for the 2019-2020 Rijksmuseum Fellowship Programme have now closed. This webpage will be updated with information on next year’s programme by October 2019. To stay informed about the Fellowship Programme and related activities, please register for the Academic Newsletter.

We welcome international, independent research proposals which open new perspectives on the Rijksmuseum’s collection, its history and activities. The purpose of the Fellowship Programme is to encourage and support scholarly investigation, and to contribute to academic discourses while strengthening bonds between the museum and universities. The programme enables highly talented candidates to base part of their research at the Rijksmuseum, and offers access to the museum’s expertise, collections, library and laboratories. Furthermore, the programme facilitates opportunities for Fellows to engage in workshops and excursions to encourage exchange of knowledge - both amongst themselves and the broader museum audience.

Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship for art historical research

mellon The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation enables PhD candidates in the History of Art to base part of their research at the Rijksmuseum.

Dr. Anton C. R. Dreesmann Fellowship for art historical research

dreesmann The Dr. Anton C.R. Dreesmann Fund/Rijksmuseum Fund enables History of Art PhD candidates from the University of Pennsylvania to conduct dissertation research at the Rijksmuseum.

Johan Huizinga Fellowship for historical research

huizinga The Johan Huizinga Fund/Rijksmuseum Fund offers outstanding candidates the opportunity to conduct historical research into objects in the Rijksmuseum collection.

Migelien Gerritzen Fellowship for conservation and scientific research

migelien The Migelien Gerritzen Fund/Rijksmuseum Fund enables candidates to conduct conservation or scientific research on art works and historical artefacts.

Joint Fellowships

Conservation as a Human Science Fellowship (CHS): New York/Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum’s Conservation & Scientific Research Department, together with Bard Graduate Center, announces a year-long fellowship focusing on developing the idea that conservation practice is a human science. The fellowship is aimed at scholars at an early stage of their careers. The Fellow will reside consecutively in New York for approximately 6 months and in Amsterdam for approximately the same period. Visit the Bard Graduate Center website for more information and application instructions.

The J. S. Lee Memorial Fellowship

In honor of the late Dr. J. S. Lee, a distinguished Hong Kong philanthropist and lifelong supporter of the study of Chinese art, this fellowship facilitates the international exchange of expertise and contributes to the professional development of museum professionals and academics. Fellows may choose to be based at the Rijksmuseum or at a number of other museums worldwide. Fields supported by the J. S. Lee Memorial Fellowship include Chinese art history, archaeology, curatorship, museum management and museum education. Visit the J. S. Lee Memorial Fellowship website for more information and application instructions.

Meet our Fellows


Haga Huis

The Haga Huis, administered by the Andla Fonds, provides residential accommodation for a limited number of scholars taking part in the Rijksmuseum Research Fellowship Programme. The Andla Fund extends this facility as part of its statutory mission to support and contribute to art and science. The Haga House is located on Reinier Vinkeleskade, within walking distance of the Rijksmuseum, and can offer Fellows housing for the duration of their Fellowship.

Fellowship Benefactors

The Rijksmuseum Fellowship Programme is made possible by:

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Migelien Gerritzen Fund/Rijksmuseum Fund
Dr. Anton C.R. Dreesmann Fund/Rijksmuseum Fund
Johan Huizinga Fund/Rijksmuseum Fund

Further information

For questions concerning the application procedure, please contact:

Marije Spek

Coordinator Academic Programmes
+31 (0)206747395