Access and facilities

The Rijksmuseum welcomes tourists and tour groups from around the world. This page provides information about access to and facilities at the museum.

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Floor plan

Download the floor plan of the Rijksmuseum (pdf)


The entrance for all visitors to the Rijksmuseum is located in the Passage on Museumstraat. There is no separate entrance for groups.

Information desk

The information desk is located in the West Atrium. Desk staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Cloakroom & bags

Section C of the Cloakroom is reserved for checking coats and bags for groups. The Rijksmuseum has a strict security policy. All bags are subject to inspection at the museum entrance. Please take as little baggage as possible with you to the museum in order to avoid obstructions in visitor flow at the entrance.

Meeting point

Are you planning to meet your group at the museum, or does your group have to wait for a bit? To avoid obstructions in the Atrium, please arrange to meet in the East Atrium (next to the shop and café).

Ticket counter

Groups that have e-tickets do not need to stop at the ticket counter but can proceed directly to the galleries. Preferred Partners should go to Ticket Counter 1 to pick up their tickets.

Ticket check

Tickets are scanned at the gallery entrance in the West Atrium. To avoid obstructions, please ensure that each group member has his or her own ticket and any discount cards ready for inspection at the ticket checkpoint.

Group lift

No time for a full museum visit? Use the Rijksmuseum’s special group lift. This lift takes you straight to the Gallery of Honour with all the 17th-century public favourites by Vermeer, Hals and Rembrandt.

Communication systems for guides

Guides are permitted to use their own communication systems (e.g. Whisper), provided they do not cause a disturbance to other visitors. Systems of this type are not available for hire at the Rijksmuseum; however, groups can hire multimedia tours in different languages.

Parking for coaches

The Rijksmuseum has a parking garage for coaches with 24-hour access (headway of 4.00 m). Address: Paulus Potterstraat 1, 1071 CS Amsterdam.