In preparation for the exhibition Vermeer, paintings by the master from Delft from various (inter)national collections have been examined using the latest non-invasive imaging technologies. During this symposium we will share, update and discuss our current knowledge of Vermeer's artistic choices and characteristics of his ingenious painting technique.

From 10 February 2023 to 4 June 2023, the largest ever exhibition of paintings by Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) will be on view in the Rijksmuseum, including at least 28 works by the Delft master. The research into his paintings revealed new insights into Vermeer’s creative process, and the specific materials and techniques that he used. Also, new art historical research has led us to better understand Vermeer as a person and an artist.

The programme

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Together with

We organize this symposium together with the Mauritshuis.

Organizing Committee

Gregor Weber
Annelies van Loon
Bente Frissen
Ariane van Suchtelen
Karin Lieftink
Sandra Pastoor
Sophie Visser

28-29 March 2023
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Day 1

8.30-9.30h: registration
20h: end

A visit of the exhibition is included.

Day 2

8.30-9.30h: registration
18.30h: end


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Language Lectures


11:35 min. - The Milkmaid and The Little Street up close