Seeking: one cunning, adventurous and fearless family. Your mission? To unravel the strange and mysterious secrets of the Rijksmuseum. Come play our family game at the museum!

Have you got what it takes…?

History is all around us to discover. For kids, but also for mums and dads, grandmas and grandpas. And where better to explore than in the Rijksmuseum?

Is your family cunning and adventurous? Then collect a Family Game set at the museum and come play! Ready to start? You’ll have one hour to work as a team to unravel eight special secrets of the Rijksmuseum. If you succeed (and we’re sure you will) there will be a surprise waiting for you at the end of the game. Have fun!

€ 2,50 per person
For ages 7 and up
Takes around one hour

  • Play with minimum 2 people
  • Each player rents their own device


Select your Family Game in step 2 when booking your start time and tickets. There you select with how many participants you will play the game.


Fun for ages 7 to 12.


Available in Dutch, English, German and French


Collect a game set from the multimedia tour desk.