The Cafe in the Atrium

Welcome to Het Café, where you can enjoy a delicious coffee or tea with a wide selection of pastries, or a cool drink. We serve an extensive lunch menu with the recommended lunch dish 'Still life': a salsify soup, rye ball with Gouda cheese, seasonal fruit € 16.50. But of course we also serve a drink with Amsterdam bitterbal

Espresso bar(s) & Garden House

For coffee and something small you can also go to the espresso bar(s) and in the garden house of the Rijksmuseum. The Espresso Bars can be found at the bottom of the monumental staircase on the way to the Hall of Fame and on the ground floor of the Philips Wing. The garden house is only open in the summer months and can be found in the garden on the side of the Museumplein. It's about next to the big fountain. You do not need an entrance ticket for the garden.