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15 min - Menno Fitski, Paul van Duin and Jan Dorscheid

30 min - Irma Boom

11 min - Mels Evers

15 min - Jenny Reynaerts, Lot Baumann and Judith de Boer

14 min - Alex Alsemgeest

11 min - Suzanne van Leeuwen

14 min - Paul van Duin and Iskander Breebaart

17:46 min. - Ludo van Halem, curator of 20th-century art, and Robert Uterwijk, tour guide and artist

16:08 min. - David ten Napel – Museumguide

21 min. - Ludo van Halem - Curator of 20th Century Art

20 min. - Menno Fitski, head of Asian art

7 min. - Mattie Boom, curator of photography

9 min. - Mattie Boom, curator of photography