A minute is short, but you can put a lot of information in it. Especially if you can talk about your favourite work in the collection! This is exactly what our curators do in this new series. Which work would you like to know more about? New episodes every week.

1:12 min. - Ilona van Tuinen about the painting by Hendrick Goltzius

1:20 min. - Maaike Rikhof about the portrait by Friedrich Schreuel

1:23 min. - Friso Lammertse about The Floating Feather

Ilona van Tuinen Ilona van Tuinen

1:16 min. - Ilona van Tuinen about Jeremiah by Rembrandt

Maaike Rikhof Maaike Rikhof

1:16 min. - Maaike Rikhof about Van Gogh's famous Self-Portrait

1:20 min. - Ching-Ling Wang about a print made for Chinese New Year

Ching-Ling Wang Ching-Ling Wang

1:16 min. - Ching-Ling Wang about two guardian figures

1:16 min. - Maartje Brattinga about the glass tableware