We take a closer look at popculture in comparison with the Dutch art masters and ask ourselves: Is this art?

6.32 min - What do Marvel's posters and the Nightwatch have in common?

5.05 min - How art and memes reflect society

5.48 min - Some toys are not to be played with

5.42 min - What's the link between Japanese prints and tattoos?

4.32 min - Where does functional design stop and when does it become art?

5.34 min - A story about innovation in hip hop and art

5.07 min - The secrets behind sumptuous still lifes

4.45 min - The beauty of nature on screen and canvas

5.50 min - The art of painting violent pictures

6.04 min - Let's take a peek at the art of real life

5.40 min - Are emoji's linked to hieroglyphs?

5.35 min - How to paint a picture of reality

5.26 min - Putting art in a political context

5.55 min - Looking for clues

8.39 - Monsters are of all ages

6.25 min - How the use of colors helps set the mood

6.13 min - Let's go on a historical witch hunt

5.16 min - Of modern take on historical Japanese art

5.12 min - Is there more behind happily ever after…?

5.50 min - The age old question

6.53 - Where does inspiration stop, and plagiarism start?