Everything starts with the basics. You will learn them here, with 4 basic courses, each with 6 lessons. Join our teacher and student and learn to sketch or get started with your stack of photos and make a photo book.

8:45 min - The basis for using colour

8:05 min - Harmonious or complementary?

8:04 min - Waar plaats je de bloemen

7:26 min - Adding the basic colours

8:34 min - Depth through light and dark

7:33 min - Place the flowers

7:45 min. - Get to know the material

7:04 min. - Take a good look at your face

5:47 min. - Light and dark in a charcoal portrait

7:46 min. - Charcoal as an eraser and the eraser as drawing material

7:07 min. - Details and light spots

4:41 min. - The last dot on the 'i'

6:31 min. - How to select your photos?

6:48 min. - How do you enhance your photos?

7:16 min. - How to create the most powerful pairings?

7:25 min. - Composing your photobook

7:33 min. - Choose the title and create the cover

5:57 min. - Dotting the i's and crossing the t's

6:37 min. - What is shading and how do you do it?

8:09 min. - Sketch what you see, not what you think you see

8:05 min. - How to use light and dark in your sketch

6:13 min. - How do you sketch a person, emotion and character?

6:13 min. - How do you create depth on a flat surface?

7:06 min. - How can you place figures in an environment?