Do you see me? How do you see me? The exhibition Remember me sheds light on how people wanted to be seen, in 9 themes such as beauty, authority and ambition. Here you can see important examples from each theme. How would you like to be remembered?

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3:19 min. - The function of children's portraits

Father, mother, son: A family portrait

The haughty attitude of a self-confident man

Porcelain-like perfection of an unreachable woman

Pompeius Occo Pompeius Occo

The hope of eternal life

A female painter in her power

Knowledge and wisdom over wealth

Portrait of an African Man (Christophle le More?) Portrait of an African Man (Christophle le More?)

The pose of a self-assured man

The sealing of a marriage and an alliance

Portret of Sibylle van Kleef with her son Johann Friedrich painted by Lucas Cranach I

What stories do these subjects tell?

1:11 min. - On beauty, strength and vulnerability