One in the series of catalogues of Rijksmuseum’s permanent collections, aiming to give technical and art-historical details of paintings by Italian artists cared for by the Rijksmuseum.

About the project

The Rijksmuseum’s collection of Italian paintings comprises 198 works spanning the thirteenth to the nineteenth century, from most of the major artistic centres including Rome, Florence, Siena, Bologna, Milan and Venice. For this catalog project, a research protocol focused on non-invasive research methods such as X-radiography and infrared Imaging (including reflectography, false-colour and transmitted infrared) was developed. For selected paintings the research was expanded with additional methods such as high resolution photography, macro-X-ray fluorescence scanning and microscopic examination of paint samples.

aim of the project

To provide a comprehensive account of each of the Italian paintings in the Rijksmuseum, both those on display and those in storage, for use by art-historians, scholars, conservators, and the general public. Particular attention is being paid to technical research, often in collaboration with other major museums, such as the National Gallery, London, or the Museo di Capodimonte, Naples, with whom information is shared. The catalogue will be published on-line, taking advantage of the possibilities this offers to include technical images.

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Duncan Bull
Senior Curator of Italian Painting (2001–2021)

Machtelt Brüggen Israëls
Research Curator of Italian Painting (since 2021)

Giulia Sara de Vivo
Paintings Conservator

Partners and sponsors

This project is supported by the Familie Van Ogtrop Fonds/ Rijksmuseum Fonds.