Admission and practical information

Anyone wishing to conduct research by consulting the Rijksmuseum’s collections is welcome to visit the Rijksmuseum Research Library and Study Room located in and next to the historic library in the main building. Access to the Research Library and Study Room are free of charge.

The Study and Reading Room is reopening on 1st July at a temporary location

Temporary location

Due to works this summer, the Study and Reading Room of the Rijksmuseum are being combined in a different location inside the main museum building.

A reservation is required to visit the combined Study and Reading room. This is to ensure that every visitor has a workspace available and can consult the collection safely.

A reservation can only be made for one person. Unfortunately, group visits are currently not possible. Due to the limited number of workspaces, we also ask you not to book more than two half-days per week. If this is exceeded, then we may cancel the reservation.

The following time slots are available: 9:30am - 1:00pm or 1:30pm – 5:00pm from Monday to Saturday. If you book for a whole day, this will count as two half days.

Access to the collection

The Rijksmuseum Research Library collections, the museum’s Collection of Prints & Drawings (Rijksprentenkabinet) and the Royal Antiquarian Society’s (Koninklijk Oudheidkundig Genootschap/KOG) works on paper can all be consulted at the temporary location.

Due to works in the Cuypers Library, the part of the library collection which is located in this space is temporarily unavailable, neither for on-site consultation nor for scans. This collection will be listed in the catalogue as "temporarily unavailable" and therefore cannot be requested.

Plan your visit

Consulting the library collection

  1. Would you like to consult our library collection? Then start by requesting your workplace here. Indicate on the form which dates and half days you prefer. We will then contact you to arrange the appointment.

  2. After receiving the reservation confirmation, please request the books you want to consult during your visit through the library catalogue that you want to consult during your visit. The account you need for this can be created online in the catalogue.

    • Do not request more titles than you think you can consult during your visit. A book scanner is available. Use of this is free of charge, but only possible with your own USB stick.
    • Storage of requested material for a subsequent visit is only possible to a limited extent.

Please note: your reservation may be cancelled if you have not requested works from the collection in advance of your appointment.

Consulting prints & drawings

To consult the museum’s Prints & Drawings collection or the KOG’s works on paper, you can contact us. List the object numbers of the objects you want to view on the form. You can find these object numbers in RijksStudio. If you want to see all the works of an artist from the collection, then mentioning the full name and the technique(s) of interest is sufficient.

In the contact form, please also indicate your preferred date(s) and preferred time of day (morning or afternoon). If we can honour the request, we will reserve a workspace in consultation with you. You will receive confirmation of the appointment.

It is possible that certain items are not available for inspection. We will inform you then that the appointment is (temporarily) not possible.


The email in which we confirm that you have successfully reserved a workspace is also your proof of admission. Show the email at the museum entrance. The confirmation email does not give access to the museum.

Cancelling your reservation

If you unexpectedly have to cancel or change your reservation, then please let us know as soon as possible by sending an email to

How to find the temporary Study & Reading Room?

The temporary Study and Reading Room is in the Foyer of the Auditorium in the Rijksmuseum. The entrance is located next to the Information Desk in the museum atrium, near the ticket desk, the toilets and lockers.

What are the rules during your visit?

In addition to the Rijksmuseum’s general rules for visitors and the rules for a safe visit, an additional set of rules applies when visiting the temporary study & reading room:

-Access is only possible with an email confirmation. The reservation does not give access to the rest of the museum.
- Leave your jacket and bag in the cloakroom or in one of the lockers (both facilities are free of charge).
- Food and drink are not allowed.
- You may notbring your own books.
- Bring your own laptop, USB stick (for the scanner), camera, paper and pencil with you to the reading room.
- A charging point for electrical appliances is provided, but not at the workspaces. So make sure that your devices are properly charged beforehand.
- Collections may only be consulted on site.
- Collect reserved materials at the pick-up point near the entrance when you arrive. At the end of your visit, deposit the material on the return trolley by the exit.
- You will receive instructions for handling works on paper (drawings, prints, photos, special books) and other vulnerable materials on-site.
- Taking pictures and making scans of the materials are permitted for personal use. Works on paper and works from the library's special collections require permission from a reading room staff member before you photograph or make scans.

How do we ensure your visit is safe for everyone?

  • Do you have a cold? Then please stay at home and cancel an existing reservation by contacting us at
  • Walking routes around the temporary Study and Reading Room are indicated. There is also a separate entrance and exit.
  • The workspaces are disinfected after every visit.
  • Wash your hands when you arrive, and then frequently throughout your visit. Facilities for this are available at the entrance.
  • Keep 1.5 metres apart. If that is not possible, for example because help from a reading room employee is needed when handling large or fragile collection items, we ask that you wear a mask.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

We look forward to your visit!

Research Services Card

Anyone wishing to conduct research by consulting the collections of the Rijksmuseum Research Library or the Prints & Drawings collection, can request a Rijksmuseum Research Services Card from the Research Library staff. You will receive the card on presentation of a valid ID and proof of address. We ask you to read the conditions carefully.

PLEASE NOTE: The Research Services Card only offers free admission to the Research Library and Study Room. Access to the other parts of the Rijksmuseum are excluded. Currently a reservation prior to your visit to the Reading & Study Room is also required.

Address, opening hours and contact


Museumstraat 1, Amsterdam

Postbus 74888,
NL-1070 DN Amsterdam

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday, 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
(by appointment only)

In 2020 the Research Library & Study Room Prints and Drawings will be closed on: New Years Day (1 January), second day of Easter (13 April), Kingsday (27 April), Liberation Day (5 May), Ascension Day (21 May), second day of Pentecost (1 June), Christmas (25 and 26 December).

In 2021 the Research Library & Study Room Prints and Drawings will be closed on: New Years Day (1 January), second day of Easter (5 April), Kingsday (27 April), Liberation Day (5 May), Ascension Day (13 May), second day of Pentecost (24 May), Christmas (25 December).


Rijksmuseum Research Library & Study Room: +31 20 6747055 / Contact form