Terms and conditions visitors and events

General terms and conditions for visitors

Admission, entrance tickets, visiting the museum, code of conduct and liability.

General terms and conditions for group visits

Booking of group visits and guided tours.

General terms and conditions for sales of events

Booking, payment and cancelling of events (guided tours, lectures, etc.) of the Rijksmuseum.

General conditions of purchase

General conditions of purchase

Orders, submissions for tenders, offers, deliveries and agreements by which the Rijksmuseum agrees to provide goods or services to the Rijksmuseum within the context of its daily business operations.

Terms and conditions website

Terms and conditions governing the use of the websites

Liability for the use and functioning of the Rijksmuseum website, use of images and privacy policy.

General terms and conditions for sales

Ordering, payment and delivery of products from the Rijksmuseum webshop.

Cookie policy

Use, blocking and deleting of cookies on the website rijksmuseum.nl.

Conditions for the use of Rijksstudio

The Rijksmuseum reserves the right to remove a set or tag from the website without prior notice and without explanation, if it is unnecessarily offensive or objectionable in the opinion of the Rijksmuseum, or for reasons of technical website management. The Rijksmuseum accepts no liability for the consequences of such removal.
The general terms and conditions of Peecho apply to the order and production of greeting cards, poster, canvas, aluminium and perspex in Rijksstudio.