The CC NL will serve as the Netherlands’ physical memory: from the Open Air Museum’s culture of everyday life and the Rijksmuseum and Cultural Heritage Agency’s ‘official’ culture to the royal culture of Het Loo Palace Museum.

The CC NL will replace the existing depots of:

  • The Netherlands Open Air Museum (
  • Het Loo Palace Museum (
  • The Rijksmuseum (
  • The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (

The current depots are spread over various locations and no longer meet today’s collection-management standards. The joint new building will facilitate the sustainable management and maintenance of national collections, as well as promote efficiency, knowledge sharing and accessibility.

Het fysieke geheugen van Nederland

proef Proefopstelling depot RijksmuseumThe CC NL will bring together 675,000 objects, ranging from paintings, applied-art pieces and furniture to jewellery, clothing and carts. In addition to optimizing collection management and maintenance, the CC NL will promote mobility between collections. Other museums are, of course, more than welcome to loan objects, and the new building will also function as a research centre for academics and students. The building will not be open to the general public.

View the infographic (PDF) for detailed information about the Netherlands Collection Centre.