An internship amid iconic works from Dutch history: does that sound like your dream come true? The Rijksmuseum welcomes students seeking to gain work or research experience. You can count on excellent professional guidance, so you’ll quickly learn to work independently and grow in your chosen field.

Your internship

Internships at the Rijksmuseum must be part of a recognized programme or course of study (junior college to university, or equivalent ). They can last from at least three months to at most one year, and we have places throughout the organisation. Interns receive a stipend of €250 gross per month based on a full-time 36-hour working week. If you’re interested in an internship at the Rijksmuseum, check our Vacancies to see the current openings.

Everyone is welcome

Our internship policy is designed to promote diversity. We welcome students from the Netherlands and around the world. EU citizens do not need a residence or work permit to do an internship in the Netherlands. For interns who are citizens of countries outside the EU, we can apply for a work permit (subject to certain conditions).

Internship vacancies

There are no internship vacancies at this time. We are honoured to receive a large number of unsolicited applications for internships, but unfortunately we cannot process and place all of them. For this reason, we can only accept applications for specific internship openings, not unsolicited applications.