Supervisory Board and Board of Directors

The Rijksmuseum was privatized in 1995, when it became a foundation with a Supervisory Board and a Board of Directors.

Supervisory Board

Rvt1 From left: A.R. Wynaendts, A. Benali, M.J. Oudeman, Dr. H. Goedkoop, Mr. drs. H.H. Kersten, Drs. C.F.H.H. Vogelzang en J. Leighton

  • A.R. Wynaendts – CEO of Aegon

  • A. Benali – Writer

  • Mr. M.J. Oudeman – Chairman of the Executive Board of Utrecht University (until 1 July 2017)

  • Dr. H. Goedkoop – Historian and TV presenter

  • Mr. drs. H.H. Kersten – Partner Stibbe Law Firm

  • Drs. C.F.H.H. Vogelzang – Member Managing Board ABN AMRO N.V. (until February 2017)

  • Sir John Leighton – Director-General National Galleries of Scotland

Board of Directors