Rijksmuseum API terms and conditions of use

Terms and conditions for the use of the Rijksmuseum APIs.

The developer of an app, web application or other online product or service (hereinafter referred to as: app) that uses Rijksmuseum content, whether or not this involves the Live API and/or OAI API, (hereinafter referred to as: the developer) is bound by the following terms and conditions governing the use of Rijksmuseum data and Rijksmuseum APIs:

  1. The developers of any apps that use (or will use) Rijksmuseum content, must display the following text where it will be easily accessible to users: “... was developed using the Rijksmuseum API”.
  2. The developer will either append the text “Rijksmuseum Collection” to each individual image, or else will display image acknowledgements where these will be easily accessible to users.
  3. Users must never be in any doubt that the app was not developed by, for, through the intercession of, or with the support of the Rijksmuseum. No app is permitted to use the brand name Rijksmuseum, Rijks, the Rijksmuseum logo and/or the Rijksmuseum’s house style, which also includes the name or title of the app, its description, and any associated marketing activities. If in doubt, developers should check via website@rijksmuseum.nl. *
  4. Developers will send a message to website@rijksmuseum.nl when their app is ready for launch.
  5. All data and all images made available through the API are either in the public domain or are subject to a CC0 license. The data and images are royalty-free and may be copied, distributed, modified and used without the permission of the Rijksmuseum.
  6. Use of the API is entirely at the developer´s risk. Developers who have been granted access to the API are, and will continue to be, solely responsible for the use of their connection. Rijksmuseum shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in the app. Rijksmuseum shall not be liable for damages from third parties arising from the use of the app and the developer indemnifies the Rijksmuseum against such claims. The Live API is a beta version. The Rijksmuseum may modify (technical modifications) or terminate the Live API at any time.
  7. The manipulation of Rijksmuseum data in such a way that incorrect information is disseminated is prohibited.
  8. The legal relationship deriving from these terms and conditions is governed by Dutch law. Any disputes deriving from these terms and conditions shall be exclusively submitted by the parties involved to the competent court in Amsterdam.

Rijksmuseum operates a fair use policy regarding the use of the API:

  • Do not use the API to develop any offensive or obscene messages.
  • Update the app regularly, as our content is always changing (in the case of OAI API).
  • Respect the Rijksmuseum’s server capacity (in the case of Live API).
  • In cases of suspected abuse, the Rijksmuseum can shut off the developer immediately.
    After examining the matter, the Rijksmuseum has concluded that no third parties have a copyright on the images made available using the API. Anyone who believes that Rijksmuseum is violating the copyright on an image can report this via website@rijksmuseum.nl.

  • Some examples of what is not allowed: the Rijks App, the Rijksmuseum App, Rijksmuseum Collection App, Rijksmuseum Tour; Developed in collaboration with the Rijksmuseum, Produced with the support of the Rijksmuseum. Some examples of what is allowed: This app uses paintings from the Rijksmuseum collection, Including works from the Rijksmuseum, View the finest works from the Rijksmuseum.