Rijksmuseum’s 10-millionth visitor spends the night beneath The Night Watch

The Rijksmuseum welcomed its 10-millionth visitor, just four years after its grand reopening in 2013.

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Stefan Kasper from Haarlem (the Netherlands) was treated to a surprise reception by the museum staff when General Director Taco Dibbits welcomed him in person with a unique opportunity. Stefan Kasper was given the chance to spend the night in the Night Watch Gallery, and sleep under the watchful gaze of the guardsmen in Rembrandt’s most famous painting. Room service was offered by chef Joris Bijdendijk of the Michelin star-awarded RIJKS®.

This is the first time anyone has ever spent the night in the Rijksmuseum.

10 10-millionth visitor. Photo: Rijksmuseum

Taco Dibbits, General Director of the Rijksmuseum said: ‘We are delighted that such large numbers of people have visited the Rijksmuseum over the last four years, and we look forward to giving a warm welcome to the visitors who will come to enjoy themselves in years to come. There’s always something new to see and experience in this large and spacious building, with plenty of places to wander around to your heart’s content.

10-millionth visitor Stefan Kasper said: 'What a surprise! I am looking forward to spending some hours alone with all the Dutch Master paintings in the Rijksmuseum. Tonight, I will dream of the Night Watch.'