Martin Jürgens

Martin Jürgens is Conservator of Photographs

Curriculum vitae and work

juergens Martin Jürgens is conservator of photographs at the Rijksmuseum. Prior to coming to the Netherlands, he worked as a conservator in private practice in Hamburg, Germany, for nine years. He studied photography and design in Germany in the 1990s, then participated in the Certificate Program in Photographic Preservation at the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY. He graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Master of Science and from Queen's University in Kingston, Canada, with a Master of Art Conservation. His areas of research and publishing, and his teaching worldwide have covered historic and contemporary photography and digital printing. Following a scholarship at the Getty Museum in 2006, the Getty Conservation Institute published his book The Digital Print. Identification and Preservation in 2009.

Professional memberships

  • American Institute for Conservation (Professional Associate)
  • Restauratoren Nederland
  • International Council of Museums - Conservation Committee
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie

Publications (selection)

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