Ship models


Model of the William Rex

Adriaen de Vriend, 1698

Stern carving from the Royal…

anonymous, c. 1663 - c. 1664

Model of a submarine

Antoine Lipkens, 1835 - 1840

Ship’s model of the Prins Willem

anonymous, 1651

Model of a 40-gun warship

anonymous, 1738

Model of an East Indiaman in Camels

anonymous, 1742

Model of the 84-gun ship of the…

Rijkswerf Rotterdam, 1837 - 1842

Model of a gaff-rigged gunboat

anonymous, 1835

Model of an Ironclad Ram Ship

Laird Brothers, 1867

Model of the Vlakkenhoek lighthouse…

Enthoven & Co., c. 1879

Half model of an Admiralty of…

Charles Bentam, c. 1740

Model of part of a floating dock

Koninklijke Fabriek P. van Vlissingen & Dudok van Heel, 1863 - 1864

Model of a ship’s galley

anonymous, c. 1799 - c. 1820

Model of a Double Capstan

Rijkswerf Vlissingen, c. 1845 - c. 1850

Model of a trunk engine

Petrus van der Loo, 1855

Model of a 20-gun corvette on a…

anonymous, c. 1840 - c. 1849

Model of the Double Dry Dock at…

's Lands Werf Hellevoetsluis, c. 1805

Model of a 30-pounder carronade in…

Rijkswerf Vlissingen, 1838

Model of a cross-section through an…

Adriaan Rosel, 1868 - 1869

Model of a figurehead

anonymous, c. 1796 - c. 1850

Sign of a Shipyard

anonymous, 1600 - 1699

Bourbon fuse

anonymous, 1845

Glass Jar with Barnacles

anonymous, 1884

Fragment of a Ship Flag

anonymous, c. 1658

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