Book chest of Hugo de Groot

anonymous, c. 1600 - c. 1615, NG-KOG-1208

Traditionally, it was in this case that Hugo de Groot escaped from Loevestein Castle in 1621. He had been serving a life sentence there since 1619. The internationally renowned jurist De Groot (Grotius) had been arrested in 1618 as a political opponent of Prince Maurice. After his escape, De Groot…

On display in room 2.5

Pair of marriage goblets with lids

anonymous, 1759, goblet, BK-1964-14-A

On display in room 0.7


anonymous, c. 1500, furniture, BK-NM-1971

On display in room 0.4

Kelkglas met een vrouw achter een…

anonymous, after Johann Esaias Nilson, 1757, BK-KOG-145

On display in room 0.7

Dice glass

anonymous, c. 1580 - c. 1590, BK-1995-4

On display in room 2.12

Child’s cot

anonymous, c. 1620 - c. 1650, furniture, BK-KOG-1810

On display in room 2.4

Vork, behorend bij reisbestek

anonymous, c. 1600 - c. 1625, BK-1974-7-A

On display in room 0.7

Ring met inscriptie: IC BIN DÜN AVE…

anonymous, c. 1200 - c. 1300, BK-NM-10779

On display in room 0.9

Trouwring met inscriptie: AELGEN.…

anonymous, c. 1550, jewellery, BK-1960-49

On display in room 0.9

Signet ring with the Van Wijnbergen…

anonymous, c. 1535, BK-NM-9567

On display in room 0.9