Scurrying Home

Alfred Stieglitz, 1897, photograph, RP-F-00-44

Voorzittershamer van E.N. van…

anonymous, 1954, hammer, NG-1994-1-2

The Bridge at Chesterfield, North…

Alexander Gardner, 1864, photograph, RP-F-F00636

Man met kind op straat in Chinatown

Arnold Genthe (attributed to), 1904, photograph, RP-F-F00626

Nederzetting en stellingen in…

Mathew Benjamin Brady, 1863, photograph, RP-F-F00617

Box Containing Twelve Samples of…

August Elize Tromp, 1825, sample, NG-MC-82

Model of a Cart for Rope Making

anonymous, anonymous, c. 1800 - c. 1825, demonstration model, NG-MC-60

Model of a Support in a Dry Dock

anonymous, 1849, demonstration model, NG-MC-12