Silver cabinet

Jan Adolf Hillebrand, 1844, BK-R-4927

As a young cabinetmaker, Hillebrand presented this neo-Gothic showpiece at an industrial exhibition in Leeuwarden in 1844. His ambition was rewarded. King Willem II bought the silver cabinet, having acquired a taste for Gothic art as a student in England. Different Gothic elements are ingeniously…

Crown for the King of Ardra

anonymous, c. 1664, jewelry, NG-NM-816-A


anonymous, c. 1700, furniture, BK-1966-48

Target gun used by the Guild of…

Jacobus Jaspers (attributed to), 1675 - 1699, NG-2002-23-14


Elias Boscher, anonymous (rejected attribution), c. 1660 - c. 1670, furniture, BK-1999-85

Lontslotmusket met vuursteenslot…

anonymous, after c. 1675 - before c. 1699, flintlock weapon, NG-2002-23-4

Matchlock musket

anonymous, 1600 - 1650, NG-2002-23-3

Vouwwaaier met blad van okerkleurig…

anonymous, c. 1675 - c. 1699, BK-1993-35

Vouwwaaier met blad van papier…

anonymous, c. 1775 - c. 1800, BK-1994-11

Inktkoker van baron Chassé

anonymous, c. 1800 - c. 1829, NG-NM-10385-203