Target gun used by the Guild of…

Jacobus Jaspers (attributed to), 1675 - 1699, NG-2002-23-14

On display in room 0.12

William V, Prince of Orange, on…

anonymous, c. 1775 - c. 1800, NG-NM-6307

Naaigarnituur in parelmoeren doos

Balthasar Wigand, c. 1826, box, BK-1965-32

On display in room 0.7

Wheellock pistol

Sievardt Kitzen, c. 1650, NG-2002-23-99

On display in room 0.12

Vouwwaaier met blad van…

anonymous, c. 1765 - c. 1771, fan, BK-KOG-2453-A