Wine fountain and cooler

Alger Mensma (attributed to), 1731 - 1732, BK-1963-64

This urn and cooler for washing hands and glasses, formed the decorative centrepiece on a luxurious sideboard. Both were presented to Cornelis Schrijver in recognition of his heroism at sea. That is the symbolism of the reliefs of heraldic arms, fish, shells and sea deities.

On display in room 1.1

Funeral Shield of the Cobblers’…

Johannes Grill, 1643, BK-AM-18-C

On display in room 0.7

Target gun used by the Guild of…

Jacobus Jaspers (attributed to), 1675 - 1699, NG-2002-23-14

On display in room 0.12

Model for the tomb of Maerten…

Rombout Verhulst, 1654, BK-NM-4352

On display in room 2.15

Fortuna, Stone Tablet from a Facade

Hendrick de Keyser (I) (attributed to workshop of), c. 1610 - c. 1620, BK-NM-10513


Artus Quellinus (I) (attributed to workshop of), after 1648 - in or before 1662, sculpture, BK-AM-38

Two candlesticks

anonymous, 1668, candlestick, BK-1968-30-A

On display in room 2.19

Ewer and basin with the arms of…

Jacques Bogaert (attributed to), 1608, BK-NM-5326

On display in room 2.12

Four Funeral Shields of the…

Johannes Lutma (1584-1669), 1633, BK-NM-10556-A