Eight Stacked Beams

Carel Visser, 1964, sculpture, BK-2008-4

The eight massive planks that form this abstract sculpture are not stacked in precise symmetry. Each pair of planks is slightly further to the side. It all appears quite natural, yet the stack is impossible to balance. So the construction is a crucial element. In fact there is a seam along all the…

On display in room 3.4

FK 23 Bantam

Frits Koolhoven, 1918, NG-2011-1

The F.K. 23 Bantam was developed in 1917 by Dutch aviation pioneer Frederick Koolhoven, then working as chief designer at British Aerial Transport Company. The biplane was intended as a fighter for the nascent Royal Air Force in the First World War. This craft was shown in 1919 at the First Aviation…

On display in room 3.2

Comb in the form of two dragonflies

Lucien Gaillard, c. 1904, jewellery, BK-1990-1

On display in room 0.9

Driedelig theeservies

Firma Hoeker & Zoon, 1903, tea service, BK-1973-158

Directieleden van DDB Needham…

Reinier Gerritsen, 1990 - 1992, documentary photographs, NG-1992-8-18

Gezicht in een steengroeve, met…

Jacob Olie jr., c. 1913 - c. 1927, RP-F-1995-206-235

Delegatie van de werklozen…

Bert Nienhuis (II), 1976, documentary photographs, NG-1977-275-16

Heilige visvijver Soengei Taloek in…

Christiaan Benjamin Nieuwenhuis, c. 1918, photograph, RP-F-2001-17-302

Verzet in de CDA-fractie

Dolf Toussaint, 1977, documentary photographs, NG-1978-107-47