The Battle of Terheide

Willem van de Velde (I), 1657, painting, SK-A-1365

English ships blockaded the Dutch Republic’s harbours in 1653. While leading an attempt to break the blockade, the Dutch admiral Maarten Tromp was killed. His family commissioned this painting of his final battle to commemorate his death. It still has its original frame, featuring the heraldic arms…

The Canal at ’s-Graveland

Pieter Gerardus van Os, 1818, painting, SK-A-3230

Insects and Fruit

Jan van Kessel (I), c. 1660 - c. 1665, painting, SK-A-793

The Artist Painting a Cow in a…

Hendrikus van de Sande Bakhuyzen, 1850, painting, SK-A-4163

Pakhuizen aan een Amsterdamse…

Willem Witsen, 1885 - 1922, painting, SK-A-2952

Harpsichord Lid showing an Allegory…

Pieter Isaacsz., c. 1604 - c. 1607, painting, SK-A-4947

The Battle of Dunkirk

Willem van de Velde (I), 1659, painting, SK-A-1362

The Royal and State Yachts,…

Willem van de Velde (I), 1660 - 1693, painting, SK-A-1385

The Battle of the Downs

Willem van de Velde (I), 1659, painting, SK-A-1363

Front View of Buitenzorg Palace…

Willem Troost (II), 1834 - 1836, painting, SK-A-4025