The Meeting of Joachim and Anna

Meester van Joachim en Anna, c. 1470

Virgin and Child

Adriaen van Wesel, c. 1470 - c. 1480

The Holy Kinship

Geertgen tot Sint Jans (workshop of), c. 1495

Christ’s Descent into Limbo

anonymous, anonymous (rejected attribution), c. 1440

Prayer Nut with Original Case and…

Adam Dircksz (workshop of), c. 1500 - c. 1530

Death of the Virgin

Adriaen van Wesel, c. 1475 - c. 1477

Mary, Joseph and three angels

Adriaen van Wesel, c. 1475 - c. 1477

Tympanum from the abbey church of…

anonymous, in or after 1121 - in or before 1132

Saint Barbara

Meester van Koudewater, c. 1470

The Adoration of the Magi

Jan Jansz Mostaert, c. 1520 - c. 1525


Pseudo Jan Wellens de Cock, c. 1520

Hedwig beaker

anonymous, c. 1100 - c. 1200