The Yellow Riders, George Hendrik Breitner, 1885 - 1886

The Yellow Riders, George Hendrik Breitner, 1885 - 1886

oil on canvas, h 115cm × w 77.5cm × d 13.5cm × w 31.5kg. More details

The elite ‘Yellow Riders’ (a mounted artillery corps) gallops down the dunes at breakneck speed. Breitner took full advantage of their black-and-red busbies and the gold braid on their uniforms. The repetition of these colour accents reinforces the dynamism of the movement. The sand kicked up by the horses at front clouds the view of the horsemen behind. All that remains are the accents of black, yellow and red.

On display in room 1.18 Impressionism George Hendrik Breitner

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