Room from an Amsterdam canal house, anonymous, c. 1745 - c. 1748

Room from an Amsterdam canal house, anonymous, c. 1745 - c. 1748

mahogany (wood), h 460cm More details

This room was originally in the house at 187 Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, which was demolished in 1896. The property was inherited in 1744 by the merchant Mathijs Beuning, who built an addition to the rear of the house that included this large reception room. Beuning was a prominent member of the Moravian Brethren, a religious brotherhood. He probably held meetings of the Amsterdam Moravian community in this room. The chimneypiece features a biblical subject: the Conversion and Baptism of the Eunuch. Tropical mahogany was not yet widely used in the Netherlands around 1745, so wall panelling made of this type of wood was a great rarity. The wood is carved in the Rococo style, which is also evident in the marble mantelpiece and the stuccowork on the ceiling. The overdoor, attributed to Jurriaan Andriessen, was added in the later 18th century.

On display in room 1.6

This work belongs to Room from an Amsterdam canal house (BK-C-2007-1)

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