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Scrapbook, Robert Jasper Grootveld, c. 1955 - c. 1970

writing (processes), h 200mm × w 150mm More details
© erven Robert Jasper Grootveld, erven Dolf Toussaint, erven Cor Jaring/Stadsarchief Amsterdam

This scrapbook is a retrospective in collage form of the playful happenings and metamorphoses with which Robert Jasper Grootveld, around 1960, created the Magical Centre Amsterdam: ‘a city where everything is possible.’ The scrapbook showcases Grootveld’s transvestites and exhibitionism, showing a loner who plays with different identities in order to challenge authority, false advertising and social conventions. Grootveld is male and female, white and black, a (former) window washer and an anti-smoking magician.

This work belongs to Scrapbook (NG-2017-2)