Explore the Rijksmuseum with the app!

Use the free app to explore the Rijksmuseum's collection. With 14 different multimedia tours and many great routes created by visitors using Rijksstudio, the app is the perfect way to explore the museum and its collection.

And now you can create your own route in Rijksstudio as well!

Tip: bring your headphones or purchase a headset at the museum.

Multimedia tours

Create your own route now

‘Collect’ your favourite works of art from the Rijksmuseum. We will automatically plot out a route that takes you past them all, then guide you step by step through the museum via the app.

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Explore the Rijksmuseum

  • Explore the collection in your own way
  • The app provides step-by-step guidance
  • The app is free of charge!
  • Multimedia tours

    Multimedia tours

    Let yourself be guided along specific works

  • Search by number

    Search by number

    Find the number on the sign

  • Search


    Find the route to an artwork or the closest facility

  • For you

    For you

    Offers the best routes by users

  • Directions


    The blue area shows where you are and the red one shows your destination

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