Create your own route

Create your own route with your favourite artworks from Rijksstudio and follow it in the museum.

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It is now possible with Rijksstudio to create your own route through the museum. Just simply create your own collection with your favorite artworks and follow the route in the museum.

Follow these steps to create your own route through the museum:

  1. Create your own collection in Rijksstudio.

  2. Browse or search in Rijksstudio to find your favourite artworks. Refine your search results by applying the ‘On display in the museum’ filter. To add an artwork to your collection, click the heart icon next to it.

  3. Once you have added four works that are on display in the museum, you will be able to follow the resulting route in the museum. At that point, simply click the banner to go to the route page.

  4. Copy and send the link for the page to your phone.

  5. Open the route page on your phone and tap ‘Open this route in the app’.

  6. Do you have the the app installed? In that case, the app will automatically open the route. If you haven't, you will need to download and install the app now. Once you have done so, reopen the link and the app will start automatically.

  7. Follow the route through the museum and enjoy your favourite artworks!

  8. Oh, and don't forget to purchase a ticket.