The Rijksmuseum’s multidisciplinary education centre is housed inside the historic drawing school known as the 'Teekenschool'. After the renovation, the former school building has regained its original function as a place where people can pursue and develop their talents. The restored building is poised to be the largest centre for museum education in the Netherlands. Its three modern studios host a wide spectrum of activities, organized under the motto: ‘learning to look by doing’.

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Present and Past

Teekenschool as seen from the Rijksmuseum gardens

Teekenschool, southeast side

Teekenschool seen from intersection Hobbemade and Hobbemastraat

Teekenschool, Entrance Building, Villa, museum gardens and the Rijksmuseum's east facade


Teekenschool, 1978


Training school in the Teekenschool, c. 1925


Teekenschool, c. 1925

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History of the Rijksmuseum

Our online collection contains a lot more photographs of the Rijksmuseum throughout the years. This link shows, for instance, what the Teekenschool used to look like.

Curious about the rich history of Rijksmuseum building and galleries? Take a look in the historical archive.

Where to find the Teekenschool?