Great Hall

The Great Hall comprises a vast space with a floor of inlaid mosaics, walls covered with painted tableaux and stained glass windows, and spanned high overhead with a copiously decorated vaulted ceiling. Together, the Great Hall and the Gallery of Honour form the backbone of the building.


Each of the stained glass windows in the Great Hall is dedicated to one of the arts, presenting representations of Painting, Architecture and Sculpture.


The walls of the Great Hall are hung with large paintings produced by Georg Sturm and his pupils. They have been conceived around patriotic virtues, which are depicted in the allegorical representations in the arches along the top.

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History of the Rijksmuseum

Our online collection contains many photographs of the Rijksmuseum throughout the years. This link shows, for instance, what the Great Hall used to look like.

Curious about the rich history of Rijksmuseum building and galleries? Take a look in the historical archive.

Where in the museum?


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