Johan van den Eynde, 1544, musical instrument, BK-NM-5445


anonymous, c. 1705 - c. 1710, musical instrument, BK-NM-12400-91

On display in room 2.22

Longcase clock

anonymous, c. 1715 - c. 1725, furniture, BK-1969-102-A

Two Hand Bells

anonymous, c. 800 - c. 900, musical instrument, AK-MAK-314

On display in Asian pavilion, room 2

Ritual bell

anonymous, after -482, musical instrument, AK-MAK-9

On display in Asian pavilion, room 2

Amsterdam as the Centre of World…

Pieter Isaacsz., c. 1604 - c. 1607, painting, SK-A-4947

Longcase clock

anonymous, c. 1755 - c. 1765, furniture, BK-1967-144

On display in room 1.2

Rattle in the form of a lion

Nicolaas Swalue, 1778, musical instrument, BK-1961-60

On display in room 0.9


anonymous, c. 1685 - c. 1700, musical instrument, BK-NM-8994

On display in room 2.19


Matthijs Craayenschot (attributed to), 1776, musical instrument, BK-15761