Italian Landscape with Umbrella…

Hendrik Voogd, 1807, painting, SK-A-4688

Voogd was known as the Dutch Claude, after the French painter Claude Lorrain, who was famous for his historical landscapes bathed in a golden glow. Voogd depicted the garden at Villa Borghese in Rome late in the afternoon: the sun casts long shadows and the trees stand out starkly against the sky.…

On display in room 1.12

Bust of Pope Gregory XIV

Sebastiano Torrigiani (attributed to), 1590 - 1591, bust, BK-16937

On display in room 0.5

De boog van Titus

Cornelis van Poelenburch, 1621, drawing, RP-T-1898-A-3724

Striding warrior

Willem Danielsz. van Tetrode (attributed to), c. 1567 - c. 1580, sculpture, BK-1959-3

On display in room 2.1

Salt cellar or inkwell with a youth…

Taddeo Landini (attributed to), c. 1590, figure, BK-15396

Fries met de triomf van de Liefde

Meester van de Dobbelsteen, after Rafaël, c. 1530 - c. 1560, print, RP-P-OB-38.567

Triomf van de liefde

Giulio Bonasone, 1545, print, RP-P-OB-35.343

Ecce homo

Louis Royer, 1826, sculpture, BK-B-44

On display in room 1.12

Lock plate

Pompeo Leoni (attributed to), c. 1550 - c. 1600, BK-NM-14348

On display in room 0.7

De Porta Pinciana te Rome

Herman van Swanevelt, 1629 - 1641, drawing, RP-T-1902-A-4593