Lorgnette (face–à-main)

Tiffany & Co., c. 1900 - c. 1910, jewellery, BK-1970-16

On display in room 0.9

Savin Rock Park, New Haven, Conn.

anonymous, 1901 - 1907, photomechanical print, RP-F-2007-406

Subway Rector Street, New York City

anonymous, 1905, photograph, RP-F-2009-269

Cayuga Lake Park. N.Y.

The Rotograph Company, 1905, photomechanical print, RP-F-2009-141

Corner of Duane Street and Centre…

Grant W. Pullis, 1911, photograph, RP-F-2010-89

Construction of the New York Subway

Pierre Pullis, 1909, photograph, RP-F-2010-90

Portret van generaal Stonewall…

anonymous, after Mathew Benjamin Brady, 1863 - 1890, print, RP-P-1960-168

Verandering van een cluster…

Lewis M. Rutherford, 1870, photograph, RP-F-F25529-B

Portret van een onbekende vrouw

Benjamin Joseph Falk (possibly), 1904, photograph, RP-F-F15126