Virgin and Child

Adriaen van Wesel, c. 1470 - c. 1480, sculpture, BK-NM-3888

On display in room 0.1

Aeneas op Delos

Claude Lorrain, 1670 - 1672, drawing, RP-T-1965-290

View of the Temple of ‘Juno’ at…

Giovanni Battista Piranesi, c. 1775, drawing, RP-T-1960-205

Seascape with Several Vessels

Simon de Vlieger, 1610 - 1653, drawing, RP-T-1888-A-1536

Portret van Libbe en Dick Ket

Dick Ket, c. 1939, drawing, RP-T-1994-160

Schepen bij laag water in een…

Wijnand Nuijen, 1836, drawing, RP-T-1980-10

Tavern Games

Adriaen van Ostade, 1677, drawing, RP-T-1886-A-621

De Porta Pinciana te Rome

Herman van Swanevelt, 1629 - 1641, drawing, RP-T-1902-A-4593

View of Huis te Rhoon, Seen from…

Roelant Roghman, 1647, drawing, RP-T-1898-A-3717

Design for an Equestrian Statue of…

Michelangelo, 1559 - 1564, drawing, RP-T-1953-140